27April 2018

10 True Facts of Science That Every Science Student Should Know

The main purpose of the science is to help the persons to know this world and their environments. It mollifies the natural curiosity of human beings by giving them logical as well as appropriate answers. The main purpose of the science is to produce the valuable models of reality and people see more about the nature and its behavior as well. To get the best information related to this subject. Every student needs the expert’s guidance. That’s why we are presenting the different way to help the students in term facts of science assignment writing.

Here We are Also Defining 10 Relevant Questions Related to the Science:

Q1: How much portion of Earth is filled with water?

Ans. Almost 71 percent surface of our earth is completely filled with water.

Q2: Which types of signals does our brain is used to communicate thought and actions?

Ans: With the help of electrical and chemical signals our brain is used to communicate.

Q3: Can we prove that dinosaurs and human ever exist at the same time?

Ans: No, according to the scientist dinosaur went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period about more than 65 million years ago. In another hand, modern humans extinct after 200,00 years ago.

Q4: How do planes stay up in the sky?

Ans: Plans stay in the sky because of the unique shape of their wings. When air moving over the plane’s wing then wing gets forced downwards, which pushes the wing up in the air. And the main point is that push is stronger than the gravity that’s why plan fly in the air.

Q5: Why the water is wet?

Ans: We can simply use this word to define water condition. The feeling of wetness is basically coldness as the water evaporates.

Q6: What makes a colourful rainbow in the sky?

Ans: After the rain, when sunlight goes through the small droplets of the rain water, the beam of light is divided into various colours that make up another light with different colours. That makes the rainbow in the sky.

Q7: How much does the earth weigh?

Ans: NO body knows the fact that earth weighs around 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg.

Q8: Why is the moon sometimes seen in the day?

Ans: The main fact is that moon never produce its own light, we see the light coming from the sun is reflected off of the surface of the moon. In Simple words we can say that sun gives the light to the moon. Whenever in the day moon reflects the sun’s rays we can easily see it.

Q9: Why the color of the sky is blue?

Ans: The main fact is that light arrives form the sun in everywhere and its comes in various color. When the sunlight hits the earth atmosphere’s it strikes with certain elements that shines in blue color.

Q10: Why don’t birds get electrocuted?

Ans: The main fact is that birds are sat only one wire and they don’t complete the circuit. That’s why birds don’t get electrocuted.

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