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18September 2019

Advantages and Limitation of Linear Programming

Linear programming helps in the formulation of model and decision-making ability. With this, it mainly focuses on the decision-related problem in Business. Formulation of the verbal details and numerical data into mathematical expression determines the relationship shared among objectives, limitations and decision making factors with the usage of resources available. We are providing linear programming assignment help to needy students. Our expert assists students to score good grades in their assignment as they focus on student requirement and provide relevant content related to their homework.

 Linear programming is a specific technique considered to maintain limited resources like material, machine, capital, energy, and labor along with, Competition activity such as services, jobs, products, and projects in a designated time.

Advantages of Linear Programming

  1. It is a technique used to improve decision –making ability. By adopting this technique, the user focuses on the objective perspective rather than the subjective one.
  2. It helps to determine the optimal method, how to make use of high- yielding resources. It also assists decision-makers to selection and effectively distribution of the resources.
  3. Linear programming contributes its role to change the basic plan by reanalyzing the previous method. If the idea introduced in the middle of the project completion, one can utilize it as a remainder or resurrection plan for better results.
  4. It also provides relevant and practical solutions as there is some modification in mathematical solutions is needed due to outer restrictions. It can help the decision-maker to optimize the plan.
  5. Identification of the roadblocks in the manufacturing process is the significant aspect of linear programming, it provide the approximate data related to capital and resources used.

Limitations of Linear Programming

  1. The hindrance caused in completing work procedures such as the sickness leave by labour, weather condition, and any other uncertainty can be a deterrent point but cannot be measured in quantitative form.
  2. It is only applicable to those areas where the calculation is needed and the linear functions are performed to form equations. When limitation and objective functions are not linear, this method is not considered.
  3. Linear programming provides a practical and calculative answer so , when it comes to determining the number of the individual required to complete the task a fraction cannot be formed as every individual has its efficiency to deliver an amount of work.
  4. Sometimes the results of Linear programming are impractical as it is presumed that the factory proportion remains constant, Besides, the correlation between the input and out, the manufacturing cost and the total revenue are presumed as linear.
  5. It provides the approximation of the constant returns in the market, but besides, the competition in the market varies as there is an assurance for the linear output.
  6. The extensive use of mathematical ability creates confusion. The trial and error solution is considered in this. So it led difficulty in finding the best solution for various business problems.

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