22August 2018

What Is Eid Ul Adha And How It Is Celebrated Worldwide?

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For the Muslim community Eid Ul Adha is a joyous occasion. This is the first and most important festival for them and the festival is also known by the name ‘Big Eid/Baddi Eid’ in general term. This is day when women and men wear their traditional cloth and give a visit to friends and relatives house to celebrate the festival and exchange gifts. On the day, they forget old rivalries and start new friendships. The whole Muslim Ummah around the world celebrate this festival together, however, depending on the places the way to celebrate the Eid festivities varies as every place has its own unique cultural flare and touch.

How Eid Ul Adha is Celebrated in America and Europe

America and Europe have a good population Muslim and they celebrate the festival with full spirit and enthusiasm. Muslims of this region start the day skipping the breakfast and they go to the mosque straight for the prayer of Eid. The prayer is followed by a sermon. They organize a huge feast with friends and family.

How People Celebrate Eid Ul Adha in Middle East – Egypt

In Egypt, the festival Eid Ul Adha is called as Eid el-Kibr. The people of this region celebrate the festival with great zeal and enthusiasm. Just like Muslim people in another part of the country, the people here as well start the day with Eid Prayers which is followed by a sermon the sermon is followed by a huge family feast and gatherings. On this day, the Islamic community sacrifice animals to show their devotion toward God. The day to mark the memories of Ibramin and his love for God. The Egypt people follow the same ritual and give Qurbani. They conclude the festival meeting friends and family members.

How People in South Asia – Pakistan Celebrate The Festival

In Pakistan, the festival Eid-Ul-Adha is celebrated for 4 days. As the celebration, the whole market remains closed and people spend their day performing prayer in the mosque and giving sacrifices of animals. The families gathers by the end of the and at night, they enjoy family dinner together. As a token of love, they exchange gifts with each other.

In other parts of world as well, the festival is celebrated in more or less the same manner. The Eid prayer, the sermon and Udhiya are the common practices. Things done in addition to this are part of the culture of different places. And this other activity varies according to region.

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