academic report writing
16October 2017

Expert Guidance Can Ease The Academic Report Writing

An academic report is not an easy job and every student knows this. It is a methodical, well-organized, neatly written in reader-friendly tone document which describes and examines a subject or problem and pertinent solution for the same. An academic report is aimed to present a problem with all relevant data or information and providing ways to solve the inherent problem (if any). It contains the following aspects:

  • Recording the events in a systematic manner.
  • Showing the concerned issue or the topic of discussion is a systematic manner too.
  • Interpretation of the events with respect to the issue or topic.
  • Assessment of the facts or outcomes of different research as presented in the report.
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation with respect to the next course of action.
  • Bibliography

Quality of a Good Academic Report

An academic report needs to be

  • Precise that means to the point
  • Clear as far as the problem mentioned in the topic is concerned
  • Well-structured in a systematic manner as per the prevailing rules

Understanding the Difference with Essay Writing

Now, in various courses or subjects, you require writing reports (not essays), like in business studies, economics, social studies, technical subjects, etc. Now, the students have to use different report writing styles depending on the subject and course curriculum. Students need to follow the guidelines and also need to use their own acumen and experience to write such reports. They need to have a vivid understanding regarding report writing and online help for essay writing. These two are different assignments but the students often mix them up as the difference is very minute.

In a report, a formalized structure is maintained which revolved around executive summary, scope discussion, recommendation while in an essay the structure mainly remains with the introduction, main body, and conclusion.

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Knowing the Objective and Purpose of the Task

Even if the guideline is not clear in this matter, the student should have a clear knowledge of the objective and purpose of the task. For this purpose, the following aspects are important, students should answer this question to themselves before start writing the report:

  • What precisely is the report going to discuss about?
  • If the report is to be presented in a group, what is the responsibility of each group member?
  • What is the time frame? What time is available for each of the students in the group.
  • What resources are available, whether these resources are sufficient?

Why is Expert Guidance Required?

In report writing, evidence with data plays a vital part. A student needs to collect such evidence from different sources but that should be reliable and referable. It is possible that the examiner will examine whether the reference the student has used is existing or not. There remains no scope of carelessness or ignorance. Besides, the deadline, the structure of the report, and capability of analyzing the given events are also very important in a report writing.

An expert and professional guide can make the whole matter rather easy for the students. They have the scope to access wide many resources both online and off-line, they are expert in using a formal tone with impeccable English. The net outcome is a plagiarism free, accurate, customized report within the deadline.

Expert guidance is required for saving time which is really precious and scarce for the students who are mostly engaged in classes, practical programs, lab works, seminars, computer training, and so on.