3August 2018

Six Great Ideas on Java are Revealed from Various Research Papers

Why Would You Opt for Java for Various Purposes?

Based on the majority perception, Java happens to be the most well-known programming language for web development. It is to understand and apply. By this, it is meant that Java provides numerous job choices plus stimulating the chances of money-making for the software engineers and web designers. When you are considering the things that are possible with Java then numerous developers think of building the following:

  • Web applications
  • Application servers
  • Unit tests
  • Enterprise applications
  • Desktop application
  • Mobile applications

The above list is a pretty good one, but it doesn’t start to cover the unbelievable range of things that you can do with the help of Java. Many developers use it for creating tutorials and games. Students learning Java often call BookMyEssay for professional Java assignment help. This ace assignment writing service provider can be asked for expert guidance on any research topics too.

The Six Exciting Ideas that You Get from Research Papers

There have been lots of research papers linked to Java. This can be proved by the point that if you type “Java programming,” then you will get more than one million results in Google Scholar. These papers are highly theoretical, but some tend to look practical.

These papers have been collected from the world’s top software engineering sessions, and they are as follows:

  • Inserts blank lines for improving code readability – In the form of a coding convention, programmers make use of a blank line for separating various logical sections in Java. When a technique doesn’t contain blank lines, then the method that gets presented in the paper can add blank lines.
  • Identifies one of the most common idioms loops if any – Code idioms are considered code fragments which recur on a permanent basis across software projects plus do possess a single semantic purpose. This paper does detect loops which owns a solo. This type of structure does twelve common things, like discover an element, filter, count, etc.
  • Excavates idioms from the source code – The paper does present a technique that retrieves every common code idiom automatically. However, the result is dependent on the open source projects that they utilize for the purpose of mining.
  • Excavates code examples from different open source projects – The process which is presented in this paper is capable of recommending code examples grounded in context. However, it is always helpful to have a tool which can mention the subsequent line grounded on the code which has already got typed. It is only hoped that a tool must come out of a research laboratory very quickly.
  • Produce comment from the source code making use of stack overflow – Comments are highly useful for improving software maintainability and program comprehension. This is beneficial for generating code comments automatically. In a research paper, they provide a general approach for creating code comments by analyzing current open source projects plus Stack Overflow posts automatically. They realize similar code plus utilize the description mentioned on Stack Overflow for describing other identical code segments.
  • Make a comment from source code – A comment is highly necessary for improving software maintainability and program comprehension. This paper does the job of summarizing the comment generation work.

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