25August 2017

Theories in Marketing Communication

Marketing communication lies at the core of every business. The aim of marketing communication strategies is to deliver the message in a planned or an unplanned manner. During your MBA or marketing related courses, you might have to study this concept. You also have to write assignments related marketing communication theories. This is where online marketing communication assignment service providers like BookMyEssay offer help.

To help you get a glimpse of this subject, we have discussed the theories related to this concept.

Why a company needs effective marketing communication?

There are various reasons why marketing communication is inevitable in the present scenario. A company can communicate the benefits of a product/service to target customers. This begins by understanding who your customers are. It involves understanding their likes, dislikes, who their friends are, etc. This type of strategy is usually backed by reliable from research and surveys.

After you have turned an individual into a customer, the next step involves ensuring their retention. You can achieve this by communicating them about the discounts and other related offers. Understanding their pain points and the type of improvement they expect from the product/service is also part of this phase. A company can upgrade the existing products to keep their customers satisfied. In case the customers shift to a competitor, the company needs to perform competitor analysis to understand the reason behind it.

The role of communication is not just limited to customers. A company has to understand its importance while dealing with the suppliers, too. No one wants to receive late delivery from suppliers, especially when customers are waiting for it. To minimize communication gap, it becomes vital to keep everyone in the loop. It is also an integral part of marketing communication strategy.

Theories in marketing communication

From time to time, marketing experts and researchers have discussed theories related to marketing communication. The popular ones include information processing model (IPM), elaboration-likelihood model (ELM), and the theory of the hierarchy of effects. You might get an assignment or research paper during your academic life related to these theories. In the subsequent section, we discuss the theory of the hierarchy of effects in detail.

The hierarchy of Effects Model

This model was developed by two marketing pioneers, Gary A Steiner and Robert J Lavidge, in 1961. As per this marketing model, there are 6 steps starting from viewing product advertisement to product purchase. These six steps include:

1) Awareness

This is the first and most important step of this model. The brands have to make sure the customers know about the product brand after viewing the advertisement. There are numerous adverts that customers come across on a daily basis, but they remember only a few of them. Therefore, the brands need to make sure it is their advert that the customer should remember.

2) Knowledge

It is the evaluation phase of the model. The consumers evaluate the product of your brand against the other ones selling a similar product. The evaluation becomes more prominent in this scenario with the proliferation of digital world.

3) Liking

The ‘Liking’ step emphasizes on whether or not the consumers like the products of a brand. If the customer gets satisfied with the product/service, he/she will continue to make a purchase from the brand. Sometimes, this happens for the entire life. And this is why it is a crucial stage.

4) Preference

Sometimes, the consumer prefers to try other brands on the market to check their quality. As a brand, you need to make sure your product/service possesses all those qualities that a consumer expects from a brand.

5) Conviction

During this stage, the customer is totally convinced to purchase the product from your brand. The marketers can increase the desire by letting the customers test or sample the service or product. Giving freebies during a trade show is an important strategy to do this. Free test drive of the car is also an example of this strategy.

6) Purchase
The customer finally purchases the product in this step. Ensure that the buying cycle continues to function after this stage. The customers get discouraged if they have to struggle while purchasing the product. The brands introduce multiple payment options and easy delivery of products to ensure the customers enjoy shopping.

AIDA Model in Marketing Communication

This is one of the classes of models from the hierarchy of effects models. AIDA is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.


As the name suggests, it involves grabbing the attention of customers through different tactics. To make the product attractive, the brands use interesting colors, layout, images, etc. The support of celebrities to attract the customers is also part of this strategy.


This is the next step in which the customers understand learn about the features of the product. The brands make sure the features are communicated in easily understandable language.


After learning about the product, the customers develop a desire for the product. The desire is developed after the customers learn what benefits they will receive from the product.


After getting fully convinced, the customers make up the mind to purchase the product. The actual purchase also takes place in this step.

The brands focus on advertisements if they focus on AIDA model. The copywriters create more attractive copies to attract more customers.

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