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30April 2019

Tricks to Write an Effective Critical Thinking Essay

Critical thinking has existed as a valuable part of the education system for such a long time in form of questions which later turned to a new norm- a way academic instructor uses to test the critical thinking ability of students. If you are a student who is expected to write a critical thinking essay, then you have lots of work ahead which will require knowledge, skills and expertise. But right before we even go there, you need to understand what is critical thinking essay and students need to hire critical thinking essay writing help to complete it.

What is Critical Thinking Essay?

Critical thinking refers to a complex system of the judgement that allow students to analyse and come up with a reliable conclusion. Schools and universities around the world assign students critical writing essay in order to develop analytical skills which coming up with the strong arguments to confront their points. Unlike a descriptive and narrative essay, students need to put their own actions into the concepts rather than depending upon someone’s else opinions and solutions.

Instructors often mark this essay on the basis of the presented arguments and strong writing skills. If you are not sure how to write one, then here is the recipe you need to cook a delicious critical thinking essay that can achieve A+ grade.

Begin with the thesis

Your thesis is the base of the argument, hence, it needs to strong and impressive to leave a long-lasting impact on the readers. The thesis of the essay must highlight the major focus and state the obvious claim. At the same time, the thesis needs to express details but not enough to make a conclusion out of it.

Outline your essay

Preparing an outline before you settle down to write down your essay will help you to structure all the information and ideas in a more effective manner. You can detail your essay according to the requirements of your essay topic. Just remember, you need to keep your outline concise and less complicated as including lots of material in the outline means you have to add everything in the essay as well.

Start with an impressive sentence

While writing your essay make sure that the first line is impressive enough to strike down in the head of the readers. The introduction part you will present at the beginning should identify your main opinion. Use the simple language and authentic facts to make your introduction impressive so, it will catch the attention of the readers from the very first word. Consider, to begin with, relevant quotes, statistics, anecdote or compelling question that catch the attention.

 Draft the body of the essay

The role of the main body is to support the argument you have presented in the introduction. You can devote each paragraph of your essay as a piece of evidence to favour your point.

You can begin with the background and add some additional points to make the entire information easy to comprehend for users. You can utilise the body of the essay to highlight specific components to justify your arguments.

Write the conclusion to end it

The conclusion you write should summarise the entire argument you have posted above. The conclusion should put the stress over the key points that support your argument so, you can spend more time reflecting on what you have already written.

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