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14February 2018

Writing Great Essays in Ten Easy Steps

What is an Essay?

The Essay is a vague term denoting a piece of writing having a specific purpose. Academic essay, on the other hand, is a specific writing within certain rules and guidelines to fulfill the purpose of grading for a particular course. An essay, as demanded by the tutor, may be formal or informal.

What are the Ten Ways Steps to Write Great Essays?

  • Understand the essay question: Understand what is asked in the essay. Identify the keywords. Try to develop the essay based on three parts namely, ‘discuss’, ‘compare’, and ‘explain’. Identify the keywords providing the theme of the given essay. Also, the words limiting the extent of the essay should be identified.
  • Choose relevant source: The source of an essay which is relevant and authentic should be adopted in the right manner. Taking notes of the information is a good idea. You should clearly cite the information which you are using in your essay writing help.
  • Think of unique ideas: Unique ideas for your essay make your essay different from others. Make a mind map to develop these ideas. Note these ideas immediately when they come to your mind. Develop them later.
  • Develop an argumentative statement: This statement is also called the thesis statement. It should clearly indicate the idea of your essay to the reader. It should not be too simple. It should be impressive enough to develop curiosity among the reader that something unique is there in the essay.
  • Write a plan: Writing a plan gives you an idea ‘what should be placed where’ in the essay. Placing ideas in order according to their importance and order of occurrence outlines your essay. Any irrelevant point can be eliminated once a plan is visibly clear.
  • Write the introduction: It is the first paragraph of the essay introducing the idea to be explained later in the essay. It should indicate how you will proceed with the essay answering the questions. Provide hint about the text to be discussed engaging the reader.
  • Write the main body: While writing the main body, each new point should be a new paragraph. The start should explain the content of the paragraph. Support your arguments with clear evidence.
  • Write the conclusion: In the conclusion, you have to summarize the main ideas. Demonstrate strongly how you have proved your thesis statement.
  • Editing the essay: After the draft is ready, check for the errors and any irrelevant point. This helps you to limit the essay within the prescribed word limit.
  • Writing the final copy: Once the essay is error-free write the final copy for submission.

How to Get the Best Help from Professionals for Essay Writing?

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